Real Estate Practice Tip: Basement Suites, In-law suites, Secondary Suites and more

If you work in older communities, chances are you have some experience with buying/selling/leasing secondary suites (defined by the Alberta Government as self-contained living units created within single-family homes).

As more and more Alberta municipalities allow these affordable rental options, the number of secondary suites available in desirable locations has skyrocketed. At the same time, municipalities are cracking down on suites that do not meet the municipality’s standards for secondary suites, making these properties less desirable for those looking to rent or buy, and therefore possibly more difficult to sell or lease.

Real estate professionals working with secondary suite properties should always do their due diligence by:

  • Staying up to date with the zoning or land use bylaws for the area in question
  • Checking the status of the suites with the municipality
  • Being aware of any municipal initiatives regarding secondary suites
  • Disclosing this information to clients, along with the potential consequences of buying/selling/leasing a property with a secondary suite

Keeping yourself up to date ensures your competency as an industry professional. Being knowledgeable will demonstrate value to your clients and show you have their best interests in mind. This elevates both your image as a professional and the image of the industry.

Real estate professionals have a fiduciary duty to use reasonable care and skill in their dealings with clients, and this includes being competent and knowledgeable in areas that could affect a client’s decision to buy, sell, or lease.

Best Practice

Discuss secondary suites with your clients, including their comfort level with so-called “illegal” suites, allowing them to make an informed decision. If you find properties for them to consider that have secondary suites, you must do your due diligence and disclose the status of the suite (i.e. if it is registered with the municipality, not registered, or requires work to meet the standard of the municipality).

Read more about secondary suites, including how to advertise them and what you have to disclose.

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Practice Tip: Basement Suites, In-law suites, Secondary Suites and more

  1. Good info ( RE: Suites ) as to due diligence but I feel there could have be a lot more info GIVEN to wet the appetite of our fellow agents as to this growing part of the industry which is an up and coming exciting market. DEMOGRAFICS IN This Part of the MARKET Is changing quickly. ALL TO DUE with the baby boomers market, ( AGE. RELATED ) and GOVERNMENT POLICY!!

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